Our Urologists deal with diseases, trauma and congenital abnormalities of the kidney, bladder, genitalia and urinary tract as well as male sexual and reproductive health. Urology combines management of many non-surgical problems, such as urinary infections, and surgical problems such as the correction of incontinence, prostate problems and the treatment of cancer.
Our team :
Our team consists of an internal medicine consultant, a gynaecologist, two resident doctors and general surgeons with vast expertise in emergency responses and procedures. They are supported by a team of experienced Nurses.
What we do:
Bavaria Catholic specialist Hospital ‘s premier urology practice excels in diagnosing and treating problems involving the male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive organs. From treating kidney stones to addressing incontinence, the care Bavaria Catholic specialist Hospital urology experts deliver touches all aspects of life. Some of the medical services we offer include:
Endoscopic (telescopic) procedures:
• Diagnostic examination of the bladder (cystoscopy)
• Removal of bladder tumours
• Treatment of bladder and kidney stones
Open procedures
• Circumcision
• Hydrocoele (water on the testis)
• Removal of the prostate, kidney or bladder for cancer
• Removal of kidney for stone or infection
• Diversion of urine into a stoma (ilea conduit or bag)
• Reconstruction of the bladder following its removal
• Reconstruction of the urethra (water passage) after damage (urethroplasty)