Message from the builder and cordinator

Dear friend,

Welcome to Bavaria Catholic specialist hospital website.
On the 10th of December 2016, we welcomed catholic faithful’s and the entire citizens of Okigwe senatorial zone, southeast Nigeria, to the launch of our multi-Specialist Hospital. In a little over a year, we’ve grown much bigger than we were, providing high quality and affordable primary, secondary and tertiary medical care to the poor, downtrodden and the good people of Okigwe.

Our Hospital is primarily a facility of gratitude and an expression of love. Gratitude to the people of Bayern who sponsored my years of studies overseas in Munich. It has become a testament to humanity that God loves all equally and our health is his concern.
Our aim is to uplift the health-care delivery where it is needed the most especially in Okigwe. Ideato north and south and Umunneochi and Isuikwuato Local Government areas. It is our goal to offer the best affordable healthcare with commitment and empathy.

We believe in the dignity of our patients, bearing in mind that health care must be delivered in a respectful manner and approach – without discrimination based on gender, disability, creed, religion, ethnicity or any other social/personal identity. For us, all human beings are equal in the sight of God and must receive the best health service available.

We offer a range of medical and surgical care, with a fully equipped medical diagnostic equipment’s such as digital diagnostic machine and other laboratory equipment’s. Our staff are trained in modern health service available.
We hope the information contained within the website will be helpful and answers any questions you may have.
Remain blessed,
Rev Rev Fr Dr Josephat Nwankwo
Bavaria Catholic Specialist Hospital.