Bavaria History

Hospital is one of the multiple Catholic assets that constitute the Mary Hill Catholic Center Okigwe. The site was conceived by His Excellency Most Rev Dr Anthony Ilonu in 1987 when he appointed Rev Prof Jerome Okonkwo to acquire a place on the highlands between Nkoto and Ubahu for the proposed Mary Hill Center for Pastoral, Health and Technology. Rev Fr Okonkwo tried to actualize this dream but later met a deadlock when he noticed that the place was a center of a long standing dispute between Umunaga/Umuamadi Ubahu and Ezekiel O. Ezeagu/Nkoto in Ihube. Both towns contended the site to be their traditional ancestral abode. Jerome Okonkwo tried his best but abdicated the venture when he noticed the quantum of troubles involved.
Rev Fr Reginald Nnamdi took over the place from Fr Okonkwo but soon gave up and succumbed to some disputant’s maneuvers and threats. When Fr Nwankwo returned from Germany in 1998, Bishop Ilonu entrusted him with the onerous task of acquiring the site contentiously called Ikpa Nkoto by Nkoto people and Ikpa Ala Akidi by the Ubahu people. At this time the land case had lasted for about 43 years in Okigwe High Court. Most of the litigants were already dead but they successfully bequited the litigation to their successors.
Fr Nwankwo swung into action with the assistance of Sir Barrister S. O Igbudu. Our first port of call was Chief Ezekiel Okechukwu Ezeagu. He received us like a father and promised his cooperation. Worthy of note is the fact that Barr. Igbudu was the Counsel to Ezeagu and Nkoto people. Chief Ezeagu suggested that we should strive to end the case between the two brothers but now warring communities. HRH Eze Maxwell Okororie took over from where Chief Ezeagu stopped (since the former died soon thereafter) and promised to lead us to the Promised Land.
On the side of Ubahu people, HRH Eze Ugochukwu brokered the negotiation. He successfully brought the two parties of Umuamadi and Umunaga to agree to hand over the disputed areas of Ikpa ala Akidi to the Catholic Church. Each of the above parties received some financial remuneration while Nkoto community got a financial token and a Hall which was erected for them as compensation. In 2003 the entire dream of land acquisition was realized and His Excellency Most Rev Dr Anthony Ilonu did the turning of the SOD on Nov 14th 2003. Moved to tears before the entire guests, Eze M. Okororie thanked God and the Catholic Diocese of Okigwe for successfully bringing the belligerent brothers together to look into one another’s eye after about forty three years. Eze Ugochukwu thanked all but emphasized that the Catholic Faith is synonymous with development and pleaded that development would soon follow through the presence of the Catholic Church. Bishop Ilonu promised all that development both spiritual and temporal would soon follow.
Worthy of mention is also the generosity of His Excellency Chief Ebere Udeagu who ceded the TWO poles of land given to him by Nkoto community to the Catholic Church in order to ensure a lasting peace between Ihube and Ubahu. May God bless him.
Years rolled by and the different communities were becoming impatient and despondent with the Catholic Diocese. Encroachments even began until in 2013 when, fortune knocked at our door when a German Benefactor Gertrude Baumeister made a donation to Rev Fr Josephat Nwankwo. Josephat pleaded that he uses the money for his Hospital Apostolate in Nigeria. The request was granted and with that came the glimmer of hope that something tangible would be built on the long dreamt of Mary Hill site, after Most Rev Dr S.A Amatu had blessed and handed over a magnificent Hall to Nkoto people.
On 10th December 2016, our hopes turned into a reality. Mary Hill is began with Bavaria Catholic Specialist Hospital. Many more things are sure to follow. In the words of Eze Ugochukwu of Ubahu, “the Catholic Church is synonymous with development”; and development has come and will continue!!!

Though the hospital was opened on the 10th of December 2016, the journey to make our hospital great did not end, we have made noticeable progress which include;
– Installation of 24×7 hour solar powered light supply in the hospital.
– Provision of 2 extra emergency vehicles.
– Constant hiring of medical specialist to deliver the best medical aid with the region.
– Construction and equipping of world class x-ray and radiology Centre.
– Construction of the access road leading to the hospital.
– Treatment of over 3,000 patient since we opened with 241 successful major and minor operation and 367 successful deliveries.

Excited by the present possibilities, we look forward to delivering topnotch medical care to the region
Thanks to all our benefactors. First in the list is Lady Gertrude Baumeister, whose financial support brought our dream to reality.The President of our Association in Germany Ezinne Chief Marianne Perau (Nwanne di n’mba of Ihube) who established a health care project in 2004 and has accompanied Nigeria especially Ihube all these years. She also established the Verein Gesundheitsentwicklungshilfe eV that has supplied us, the essential drugs for our hospitals through the years. Salute to our German Board members, few though they are but they have saddled the ship to a conclusive end. Bavaria catholic speclialist hospital is ever grateful to HIFA AUSTRIA Foundation especially Ulrike Pastor and Engr. Uwe Kraus for providing us with Solar system which would ensure 24×7 hour light supply in the hospital. Also we thank Arch. Jonathan C. Nwankwo who supervised the job of building the hospital without requesting for any financial remuneration. we do not forget the sweat of Rev. Srs. Angella Orie and Ann Iwu who coordinated the prisoners of Okigwe Prisons at stumping of the virgin forests at the inception of the building. For their moral support and unfailing guidance we thank my friends +His Grace Most Rev Dr Fortunatus Nwachukwu and Rev Sr Dr Chika Ezeugo and well-wishers too numerous to be mentioned. Most sincerely, we thank my Bishop, Most Rev. Dr. S.A. Amatu for his paternal support and directions.